Monday, October 19

when and where i enter: paula giddings

book info: published in 1984 by Morrow
author info: Paula Giddings is a professor of African American Studies at Smith College

Anna Julia Cooper. Ida Bell Wells-Barnett. Maria Miller Stewart. Mary Church Terrell. Mary McLoed Betuhune. These are just a few of the names that are mentioned in this important work on the history of Black women in the United States. In her work, Paula Giddings provides a narrative history of the impact of Black women on America and more specifically and importantly the lives of the Black community in America. For whatever reasons, the general history of African people in America is distorted, and this includes many African American women. Giddings begins the process of uncovering some of the stories and struggles of these women in the American context. Well-written and informative, When And Where I Enter is an important piece of scholarship for the casual reader, scholar, as well as the young people in our communities.


"...Black women had already proven their inherent strengths--both physical and psychological. They had undergone a baptism of fire and emerged intact." (pg. 55)