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hotep, welcome, and karibu! is a website and blog dedicated to the uplift of african people across the world via the elevation of art and intelligence and is the result of the need to highlight and showcase the array of genius that often goes unnoticed. This site will feature what its title implies, two of my passions: beats and books. The intellectual work and inspired music featured here will not only captivate your attention but will force the reader, listener, and viewer to reflect on what is being shared. In the age of excessive tabloid material and gossip in the blogosphere, provides a respite as well as a remedy for the soul and mind. Recently, we've noticed a thirst for knowledge, and many folks out there have been searching for a place to find great suggestions for reading and good music. Very few places on the internet can web travelers access books reviews and suggestions while listening to the sounds of soul music, hip-hop, and even the eclectic afro-punk genre! is that place, and we are proud to offer the very latest as well as the classics when it comes to music and books. The following are explanations of the different topics and headings listed above:

the reading list: In this section visitors can find suggestions for good reads. Most of the books in this sections (as well as the site) will focus on people of African descent. As diverse as our people and writers are, visitors need not worry that this body of knowledge is to narrow. Stay tuned, in this section we will feature writers from as far away as the Sudan and topics as diverse as ethnomusicology.
timeless classics: Some things are timeless. This section will feature monumental contributions to our intellectual history and music that transcends space and time. We will pay homage to the grand masters and mistresses of our time and of time immemorial.
recent releases Here we will feature new music and recently released titles. this section will whet your apetite for more. We plan to have plenty of good stuff on deck.
media: Here is where all media that we feature on the site will be kept. Look our for interviews, clips, music videos, and much more.
artists news Want to know when Bilal's album is dropping? Curious to know Erykah Badu's upcoming tour dates? When are the Fugees getting back together? Here is the place to keep track of your favorite artists and their latest moves.
artist spotlights: New and fresh music from up and coming artists. Yep, enough said.

The Zulu remind us...umuntu ngumuntu ngubantu.
Which is interpreted in English as 'a person is a person, because there are people'.
As my good friend Jabari recently stated as he launched his site,"though progression is up to you it is never only you." So I would like to thank the following people who've either influenced me, been there for me, or kept me going.

first and foremost:

the fam, those who came before, those who are yet to come

sc fam:
ric j, j murda, black rob, grady, steve mo, ralph, gav, bj, the ville, noc, blu, i300 fam, harold, byrd, rick, steve fred,old school kl, bruin football, tommy brown, britt, lil sis, jessica j., ran, cakes, shantel, jk, rita,christan, megan j, and the rest of the fam.

howard fam:
skep, terico,jabari, artic, mario, o. chris, obed, tybc, the bretheren(ian, carrington, will, brodrick, adrian, daniel), lamar, galen and 406, meik, craddock, niko, kahlil, the ones that didn't make it back after '06, jahaan (for her seed planting), evie, paige, nikki trip, larri, lauren, portia, sydney, linz, liz, amanda b, ash, candiace, joy lindsay, shay, selena, alls valle, raquelle, J-VO!, kristin, candace, sbel (sometimes), mr. gray (maa kheru), kts(chigozie, courtney, jam, sawdayah, justin, sham, anoa, nina, mike, james and ava), doc (chair of africana studies), south africa 07(alex, jackie, steve, tiff), eygpt 08 (kina, christina, morgan, malik, dexter, monique, nnamdi, amanda, holy family, royal family), 09 finance majors (phew), austin and the rest of pays, will brown, hiram, ray baker, husa 48, nick, kellen, husa 49, b. smart, jewel, the football team (for real), the legacy, and the future.

with that said....enjoy the website!

-josh m.