Friday, July 24

updates from the foreign exchange family

It was recently announced that The Foreign Exchange producer, Nicolay would be releasing a new album entitled, Shibuya: City Lights 2. The second installment of the City Lights series is slated to be released on September 15th. It is available for pre-order now.

This comes on the heels of the recent release of the Prince tribute Purple Flip featuring ?uestlove, Foreign Exchange,ZO!, and Carlitta Durand. In case you missed it, here it is:

Lastly, Phonte has confirmed the rumors that Carlitta Durand and Zo!, who are featured on many Foreign Exchange projects will be releasing albums in the near future. (more after the jump.)

Phonte states: Nic and I had always talked about the possibility of taking our partnership to the next level (I hate the word "label"), much like Jazzanova did with Sonar Kollektiv and how Jam and Lewis did with Flyte Tyme (for all my old heads out there...). When we decided to move full-speed ahead and form a production company, it seemed only right that our first artists would be two people we've been working with all along.

Zo! and Carlitta are much more than artists; they are family. Zo's album "Sunstorm" will drop early next year, and Carlitta Durand's as yet untitled debut will come afterwards. I feel that Nic and I have set the bar pretty high with the level of quality and craftsmanship in our FE releases, and I have no doubt that Zo and Carlitta's music will meet, if not surpass, that same standard. We treat their records with the same amount of love and detail as we do our own, and hopefully upon listening, you'll agree.

We are looking for big things from this collective. Oh, and by the way if you haven't heard The Foreign Exchange's Leave It All Behind are slippin'!

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