Friday, July 24

slept on: zion I

I was introduced to Zion I's music in 2006, after hearing their cut "Temperature" on Goapele's Change it All Mixtape. Coming on the scene with 2000's Mind Over Matter, the Bay area duo's electronic hip-hop sound was attractive and I was suddenly bitter that it had taken me that long to get put on. Coming from the south, the only closely related style I was exposed to was Dungeon Family/Outkast (ATL stand up) and I thought that was it, not knowing there were a lot of other similar artists. Zion I deserves to be on the top shelf of hip-hop and DJ's around the world are getting the word. Described as a mix of drum-and-beat hip hop designed to inspire and unify the people, they represent the best of Bay area hip hop. Simply put Amplive and Zumbi are two of hottest we got and if you don't believe me... you will after this post. In an interview with prefixmag,Zumbi spoke on staying true and marketing themselves:

We can’t be anybody but ourselves. I think the challenge is to master what we do and bring people in and introduce 'em, 'cause I don’t think it’s a thing of making good music. I’ve never been that cat to follow anyone else. I’ve always been kind of on my own shit, and I think Amp is the same way, so I don’t think that’s a detraction. If anything, I’ve always respected that we’re unique and original. For us, I think that’s the plus -- I think that’s why we’ve been in the game. We’re still going so that’s one of the best attributes we have.

So this is for my folk back home who are still in that Gucci Mane coma, don't sleep one of the most talented duos out! After the jump, two classic Zion I tracks and two videos from songs off their latest album released January 27th and in stores now, The Take Over.

Zion I featuring The Grouch "Silly Puddy"

Zion I "The Bay"

Zion I "Coastin'" feat. K. Flay from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Zion I "Geek To The Beat" from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

For more, check out zion I's website
Purchase the album here: The Take Over