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the destruction of black civilization: chancellor williams

book info: published in 1974, Third World Press
author: Chancellor Williams (1898-1992) was a historian,scholar, professor, and defender of African humanity.

This treasure is by far one of the most important pieces of scholarship ever. It is the seminal work and foundational contribution to the study of African civilization. In this volume, former HU professor Chancellor Williams chronicles the genesis of African civilization and explains how we got from here.
Discussing not only the ancient kingdoms of Kush and Kemet, but of Axum, Mali, Songhay, Ghana, Monomopata to Kuba, Zimbabwe, and eventually Kongo. Williams covers important events in the history of African people, such as the drying up of the Sahara, the forced migrations (evolutionary as well as oppression-driven), the introduction of Islam and Christianity, and the assault of the maafa. In this work we are re-introduced to important figures such as Candace, Shabaka, Pianki, Shyaam, and Queen Nzinga. Williams puts into context some of the 'missing pages of world history'. We also learn about the origins of the Arab, the Semitic people, and the European as it relates to their dealings with Africa. Also included is the African Constitution, which goes back to Diop's cultural unity of Africa thesis. Williams' work was the culmination of 16 years of field study in Africa. It is important because like works previous to it, such as Dubois' The Negro, it links the African in America with their history to the beginning of time. Williams ends with his all important solution based alternatives for the worldwide African people to explore in response to knowing this history. This timeless classic must reside in your library. This provides unassailable truth and historical clarity that is much needed.


"The necessary re-education of Blacks and a possible solution of racial crises can begin, strangely enough, only when Blacks fully realize this central fact in their lives: The white man is their Bitter Enemy. For this is not the ranting of wild-eyed militancy, but the calm and unmistakable verdict of several thousand years of documented history." (pg 310)

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This book is available from black-owned Third World Press