Saturday, August 8

video: messiah's "in the AM"

Official video from the new project by Messiah (HU stand up!). One of the best lyricists/poets walking. Support his new project.

from liberator magazine:

Ever since his [Live From Planet Earth Volume 1] contribution and those four Apollo Theatre victories in a row, we've been paying close attention to Messiah Ramkissoon (yes, that's his real name, not his ego). This video (produced + directed by LFPE partner Ron Brodie/DonoR Media) for his new track "In The AM" says much more than I can say. Messiah does a excellent job of blending his personal narrative and perspective with a bit of something that we all can feel. It's important to accept that, because once you do you'll see his gift to tell various stories in one, regardless if you personally relate to each story. And you'll really hear that the track, the chorus... are just magical.