Tuesday, August 18

"if you could see me now" (1946): sarah vaughan

Sarah Vaughan's musical career is one worthy of the highest praise. The "Sassy One" blessed the world for over 47 years with her "wondrous, contralto voice". Her contributions to not only jazz, but music are enduring. Her future legendary status was evident when she recorded this Tadd Dameron-arranged "If You Could See Me Know" in 1946. A Newark, N.J. native, Vaughan captivated the audiences at Harlem's Apollo Theater before captivating the world the rest of her life. This is a timeless classic because it is captivating us to this day. For an in-depth look at her life, please check out Sassy: The Life of Sarah Vaughan:

Sarah Vaughan "If You Could See Me Now" (1946)